Research Areas

Research Areas: 


  • Adolescent Online Safety involves balancing the risks versus opportunities teens (ages 13-17) encounter when they engage with others through networked technologies. Dr. Wisniewski’s research focuses on resilience-based approaches that help teach teens how to effectively cope with online risks, so that they can benefit from online engagement.
  • Networked Privacy refers to privacy issues beyond the individual due to the advent and pervasive use of networked technologies and forms of computer-mediated communications. Dr. Wisniewski’s research has focused on privacy as an interpersonal boundary process that is negotiated between users or groups of users.
  • Social Computing is a sub-field of computer science that resides at the intersection of social behavior and computing systems. Examining the use of social media and social networking sites are examples of social computing research conducted in the STIR Lab.
  • Health IT involves the systems that support the care and well-being of people. Dr. Wisniewski’s research in health IT focuses on end-user technologies to support patient-centered care, as well as assistive technologies for caregivers.
  • Educational Technologies involves the integration of technology in education to enhance learning outcomes. Dr. Wisniewski and her students design, develop, and evaluate technologies that can be used to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Other Research. Dr. Wisniewski and the students in her STIR Lab have produced a diverse portfolio of socio-technical research that spans multiple topics within the field of Human-Computer Interaction.