How to Complete the Volunteer Service Agreement

Volunteer Service Agreement

All volunteers must sign the electronic version of the Volunteer Services Agreement.  Volunteers are considered to be anyone who is not receiving course credit or their work in the STIR Lab does not contribute to their degree in any way. If you are unsure, please verify with your graduate research mentor or Dr. W. 

Example Scenarios

  1. EXCEL or Flit-Path students who are doing it as part of their program.
    • These individuals do not meet the university’s definition of a volunteer and should not sign a Volunteer Services Agreement.
  2. CS/IT or other B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. students interested in getting research or work experience.
    • If they are receiving any type of course credit or their work in your lab contributes to their degree in any way, they are not volunteers and should not sign an agreement.  For example, if the research is part of their dissertation/thesis, they are not a volunteer, but if they are simply working in your lab without any form of compensation or benefits, they are a volunteer and must complete the agreement.
  3. Local high school students who have asked to be involved in research.
    • They are volunteers and must complete the agreement.  Additionally, any staff, faculty, or volunteers working with these underage volunteers must meet any requirements of the Youth Protection policy.  

The form and all supporting information can be found here:

University Policy and Background Checks

A criminal background check is required if volunteers are interacting with minors. University Policy 3-128 University Volunteers states the following: Criminal background checks must be completed prior to the start of the volunteer assignment. In accordance with Human Resources policies and procedures, criminal background checks must be completed on the following:

  1. Volunteers who will be interacting with minors as part of their volunteer service. Exceptions to this must be approved by Risk Management;
  2. Employees who will be working with minors volunteering for the university; and
  3. Employees who have not previously been background checked and will be working with volunteers.

 Criminal background checks should be completed on all other volunteers; however, it is left to the discretion of the department or at the recommendation of Human Resources or Environmental Health and Safety.

A criminal background check is required if volunteers are interacting with minors. Unless the volunteer falls under one of the categories above, a background check is not required, but it is suggested.

Motor Vehicle Record

Please be aware that volunteers who are “expected or will be asked to drive or transport passengers or property as part of their volunteer assignment must provide a certified Motor Vehicle Record to the department with which they will be working, and the department shall verify that the volunteer has a valid driver’s license, experience, and training to operate the appropriate class of vehicle for the volunteer assignment.”  More information on automobile requirements can be found here: