Welcome to the STIR Lab

Graduate research mentors should send this email out to welcome their new mentees.

Welcome to the STIR Lab!

Hello [student name],

Welcome to the STIR Lab! We are excited to have you join our team. I will be your graduate research mentor this semester and Dr. Wisniewski (or Dr. “W”) will be your faculty mentor. Below are a few things we need you to complete to get started:

  1. CITI Training – (Must be completed as soon as possible)
    • Once you have completed your CITI training, please let your graduate mentor know and upload a copy of your certificate to the following Dropbox folder: Dropbox\STIR_Lab\All_Students\IRB_Certificates.
  2. Skype
    • Skype is our Team’s primary method of communication. Please make sure to be active on Skype (answer within 24 hours) and ping your mentor whenever you need them.
    • Please create a free Skype account here: https://www.skype.com/en/
    • Once created, please let your graduate research mentor know.
    • Feel free to use the Pam Undergrads group chat to connect with or ask questions to other mentees.
  3. Dropbox Account
    • Dropbox is our Team’s primary work space. You are required to work off of dropbox and save all work-related files in the corresponding project folder.
    • Please create a free dropbox account here: https://www.dropbox.com/basic
    • To avoid uploading/downloading documents, you can work directly from dropbox by downloading the app to your computer (you can even use it on your phone!) Click “Download the app” on the registration page. 
    • Once you have your dropbox account created and set-up, please let your graduate research mentor know.
  4. STIR Lab Agreement (attached)
    • Sign this agreement and make sure it gets signed by your research mentor and Dr. Wisniewski.
    • Save the signed agreement to the following Dropbox folder: \Dropbox\STIR_Lab\All_Students\Lab_Agreements.
  5. Weekly Schedule (template attached)
    • Everyone is required to create a weekly schedule. This helps your graduate research mentor have an idea of the hours you are available for research.
    • Please fill out the attached template and send it to your graduate research mentor for feedback.
    • If you have any questions, please ask your graduate research mentor.
  6.  STIR Lab Team Page
  7. Undergrad Lab Hours
    • If you are an undergraduate student working at STIR Lab, Dr. W would like for you to take part in lab hours for approximately 10 hours per week. During the lab hours, you will be working on tasks that have been assigned to you by your research mentor or Dr. W.  However, we hope that as everyone works together in the lab on our individual tasks, we can form community and learn from one another.
    • Unless you and your graduate research mentor have agreed otherwise, lab hours are from 2pm to 5pm from Monday to Friday at the STIR Lab (CMMS Rm 112).
    • To gain access to this space, please send your PID and NID to your research mentor, who will apply for access on your behalf.