Congratulations to STIR Lab undergraduate students Christy LaPerriere, Zaina Aljallad, Jaclyn Abraham, Tim Dinh, Thomas Lukas, Amy Godfrey, Hannah Main, Elizabeth Maspoch, and Zach Shea for presenting their posters at the 2019 UCF Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence.

Maspoch, E.*, Badillo-Urquiola, K.*, Edwards, J., and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Children’s Evaluations on Human Sex Trafficking Prevention Education and Training.”

LaPerriere, C.*, Aljallad, Z.*, Chouhan, C.*, and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Community Oversight for Privacy and Security.”

Dinh, T.*, Badillo-Urquiola, K.*, and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Online Stranger Danger: Co-designing Social Media App Safety Features with Children.”

Godfrey, A.*, Chouhan, C.*, and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Most Commonly Reported Struggles of STEM Undergraduate Students.”

Lukas, T.*, Badillo-Urquiola, K.*, and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Foster Parents’ Perspectives on How the Foster System Supports the Online Safety of Teens.”

Abraham, J.* and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Exploring the Motivations Behind Participation in a Viral Social Media Challenge.”

Shea, Z.* Taylor, D.*, Louis, G.*, Harvey, I.*, Faria, B.*, and Wisniewski, P., (2019) “Carebit: Understanding the Technical Challenges of Collecting and Analyzing Fitbit Data.”