Dr. Pamela Wisniewski, Director of the STIR Lab and iUX Academy

2021 SURE Posters

This year the STIR Lab is proud to have multiple students participating in the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE). Each student is assigned to create a poster that displays research and information pertaining to their field of interest. This year we have the following posters along with its students:

Adolescent Online Safety Research

  • Teen as Research-Apprentice: Creating a Participatory Action Research Program for the Design and Development of Adolescent Online Safety Solutions Arianna Davis, Neeraj Chatlani, Pamela Wisniewski (Honors Thesis)

  • Family Communication: Examining the Differing Perceptions of Parents and Teens Regarding Online Safety Communication Tara Rutkowski, Pamela Wisniewski (Honors Thesis)

  • Teenovate: Planning a Long-Term Participatory Design Program for Adolescent Online Safety Qunyh Nguyen, Naulsberry Jean Baptiste, Timothy Golio, Nicholas Kershaw, Neeraj Chatlani, Pamela Wisniewski

  • 30 Days: Understanding Teens’ Digital Lives and Online Relationships Aime Yelvington, Nafisa Chowdhury, Julia Silva, Max Huebler, Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Pamela Wisniewski

  • Adolescent Online Safety: Expanding the Knowledge Base and Developing Machine Learning Algorithms Carlson SharplessAvery Reyna, Christian Lozano, Komila Khamidova, Pallavi Dacre, Abdulrahman Sumaih, Sunil Patro, Afsaneh Razi, Ashwaq Soubai, Pamela Wisniewski

  • Designing a UX Workshop for Youth Online Safety – Alice Zhang, Camila Acevedo, Fabrizio Martins, Luke Shirley, Zainab Agha, Pamela Wisniewski

  • From Parental Control to Family Oversight: A Case Study of Parents and Teens Co-monitoring Mobile Online Safety Amy Godfrey, Mamtaj Akter, Pamela Wisniewski

Foster Youth and Online Safety Research

  • Understanding the Challenges Child Welfare Workers Encounter Related to Promoting the Online Safety of Foster Youth Danielle Abaquita, Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Pamela Wisniewski (Honors Thesis)

  • Online Risk Exposure of Adolescents in USA – Zachary Miller, Gabriela Rivera, Xavier Caddle, Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Pamela Wisniewski

  • How Adolescents in the Child Welfare System Seek Support Online Taylor Moraguez, Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Pamela Wisniewski

Suicide Prevention Research

  • Examining Suicide Prevention Safety Apps for the Online Safety of Teens Sairam Nalla, Marcus Seigman, Pamela Wisniewski

  • SafePlan: Co-Designing for Suicide Prevention of At-Risk Youth – Luke Shirley, Marissa McNeil, Zainab Agha, Lindsay Taliaferro, Kim Gryglewicz, and Pamela Wisniewski

Social Computing and Privacy Research

  • How Affordances and Social Norms Shape the Discussion of Harmful Social Media Challenges on Reddit Amy Godfrey, Mari Lopez, Irina Lediaeva, Pamela Wisniewski

  • Heuristic Evaluation of Carebit Remote Informal Caregiving System Huy Pham, Ann Binus, Jody Kocis, Kensal Ramos, Mamtaj Akter, Pamela Wisniewski

2021 SURE Posters