Dr. Pamela Wisniewski, Director of the STIR Lab and iUX Academy

4 CHI 2020 Papers

Congratulations to the STIR Lab members and our collaborators on getting four papers accepted in the CHI 2020 proceedings! CHI is ACM SIGCHI’s premiere conference on Human-Computer Interaction. The acceptance rate for the 2020 proceedings was 24.3%. Authors and paper titles are listed below:

Accepted CHI 2020 Papers

  • Razi, A., Badillo-Urquiola, K., and Wisniewski, P. “Let’s Talk about Sext: How Teens Seek Support and Advice for Online Sexual Interactions”
  • Ghosh, A.K., Hughes, C.E., and Wisniewski, P.  “Circle of Trust: A New Approach to Mobile Online Safety for Teens and Parents”
  • Saxena, D., Badillo-Urquiola, K., Wisniewski, P., and Guha, S. “A Human-Centered Review of Algorithms used within the U.S. Child Welfare System”
  • Tabassum, M., Kropczynski, J., Wisniewski, P., and Lipford, H.R. “Smart Home beyond the Home: A Case for Community-based Access Control”

We will see you in Hawaii!

4 CHI 2020 Papers