Marchioli Impact Award

Congratulations to Dr. Wisniewki on being awarded the Spring 2020 Marchioli Collective Impact Innovation Award for her work in creating UCF’s User Experience Academy!

The iUX Academy is an integrative learning initiative created by Dr. Wiskniewski to provide students with real-world experience in User Experience (UX) design via consulting for local industry.

“I am honored to receive this award that recognizes faculty who push boundaries and shift paradigms,” Wisniewski says. “It is only though innovation that UCF will achieve its Collective Impact.” The award is one of the university’s most prestigious internal recognitions, celebrating innovative ideas that have been developed into impactful, scalable programs that align with UCF’s Collective Impact Strategic Plan.

Dr. Wisniewski plans to use the award to expand the iUX program by hiring a part-time lab manager for the for the iUX Academy Lab.

To read the full article, please click here: Engineering Faculty Member Receives $5,000 Award for Creating iUX Academy


Marchioli Impact Award