Dr. Pamela Wisniewski, Director of the STIR Lab and iUX Academy

Privacy Workshop CFP

Privacy researchers, come join us at CSCW! CFP for networked privacy workshop in Austin, Texas Nov 9: “Ubiquitous Privacy: Research and Design for Mobile and IoT Platforms.”

This one-day workshop aims to explore ubiquitous privacy research and design in the context of mobile and IoT by facilitating discourse among scholars from the networked privacy and design communities. The complexity in modern socio-technical systems points to the potential of utilizing various design techniques (e.g., speculative design, design fiction, and research through design practices) in surfacing the potential consequences of novel technologies, particularly those that traditional user studies may not reveal. The results will shed light in future privacy designs for mobile and IoT technologies from both empirical and design perspectives.

Deadline to Submit: September 26, 2019 

For details and the latest information, visit the workshop website: https://privacydesigncscw2019.wordpress.com/ 



Privacy Workshop CFP