Justice-centered Design

This past weekend, PhD Candidate Karla Badillo-Urquiola and Dr. Pamela Wisniewski, alongside their collaborators, held a workshop addressing Justice-Centered Design Engagements with Children and Teens. Congratulations on a successful and thought provoking workshop!

Shout-out to STIR Lab members Afsaneh Razi, Neeraj Chatlani, Xavier Caddle, and Arianna Davis for attending! Here are some details if you missed it:

We perpetuate, reinforce, and have the opportunity to disrupt systemic injustices through the actions we take as individuals. As an IDC community, we have a responsibility to reflect upon our behaviors and the commitments we make to ensure our engagements with youth, especially those that identify as Black or brown, are justice-centered. In this workshop, we invited researchers and practitioners to reflect on what is at stake if the IDC community does not intentionally take a justice-centered approach throughout our methods, our research questions, and our everyday interactions with youth. But what exactly What do we mean by justice-centered or justice-oriented? During our workshop, we explored three themes: 1) What is justice-centered work? 2) Why should we be justice-centered? 3) How can we be justice-centered? The goals of our workshop were two-fold: (1) To share stories about the actions we take as researchers with power to influence change in our interactions with youth, and (2) To establish the commitments the IDC community must make for more equitable design and research engagements with youth.

Full workshop proposal:

Roldan, W., Badillo-Urquiola, K.*, Sobel, K., Lee, K.J., Wisniewski, P., Ahn, J., Clegg, T., and Yip, J. (2021) “Justice-Centered Design Engagements with Children and Teens: What’s at Stake, the Actions we Take, and the Commitments we Make,” Workshop at the 2021 ACM Conference on Interaction Design for Children (IDC 2021), Virtual due to COVID-19. https://doi.org/10.1145/3459990.3460515

For additional information, visit: https://idcjusticecentered.wordpress.com/ 

Justice-centered Design