Dr.Wisniewski and Agha interview

“Now it’s not just trying to protect youth online from bad actors who are real people, it’s also trying to understand the types of interactions they are having with these generative AI and open source chat platforms,” Dr. Wisniewski talks to News 2 regarding how AI is adding new complexity to the digital word.

Dr. Wisniewski mentioned that some teens turn to AI platforms for answers about a range of topics from LGBTQ sexual health to mental health, and are sometimes in return fed malicious information.

“Many of the teens said that they wanted to block or report such instances, and they did that, but they still felt that the problem continued in an unrelenting cycle where people would make new accounts and fake accounts and the problem would still continue,” said Zainab Agha who had also talked to News2 about her research and how she looked into the solutions teenagers want to clean up the digital world.

“The types of solutions I heard, it sounds like teens are fed up,” said Agha. “They wanted things like alerts that weren’t just giving them a warning, but also hiding things like the explicit message, or the explicit content.”

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Dr.Wisniewski and Agha interview