Sexting Journal Article Accepted

Congratulations Dr. Pamela Wisniewski on getting accepted her co-authored paper in ELSEVIER 2022.

All the authors of this article are: Erin Corcoran, Jennifer Doty, Pamela Wisniewski, Joy Gabrielli.

The title and abstract of the paper is following :

Title: Youth sexting and associations with parental media mediation.


Purpose: Early adolescent sexting has implications for health and wellbeing. Parenting practices may impact youth engagement in online risk behaviors. This study examines associations between parental media mediation and early adolescent sexting in a sample of U.S. youth and their parents.

Methods: Parents and their 10-14-year-olds (N = 306 dyads) completed an online survey of technology use and online experiences. Youth reported on receiving (valid % = 14.5) and sending (valid % = 11.5) sexts. Media parenting behaviors were measured by four scales (youth and parent report): active mediation, restriction, parental monitoring, and technology control. Logistic regression was used to test associations between media parenting and sexting, controlling for demographic and social covariates.

Results: Parent and child reports of restrictive parenting were negatively associated with sending and receiving sexts; active mediation was negatively associated with sending sexts; and parent report of monitoring was positively associated with sending sexts. Age, SES, and parent respondent gender were associated with sending sexts.

Conclusions: Specific types of parental media mediation are associated with reduced youth sexting, particularly restriction and active mediation. Although parent and youth report of mediation were similar, differences emerged. Future research should explore these differences and associations with health risk behaviors.

Sexting Journal Article Accepted