Abaquita Facebook Internship

Congratulations to STIR Lab undergraduate student Denielle Abaquita on accepting a Summer 2021 internship at Facebook! This 12 week internship will see Denielle working on projects or features for one of Facebook’s main products.

Excited for next year, Denielle had this to share:


“On my birthday, I received the amazing opportunity to intern at Facebook in Menlo Park for Summer 2021. Receiving that call was so unexpected, but I am extremely excited and thankful for what’s come!

I am especially thankful for the experiences I have had already. My technical skills from almost one year of experience as a Software Engineer Intern at SightPlan will be especially valuable. I learned so much about version control, new technologies, and sound code practices among many other things!

I also want to highlight my almost two years of experience at the STIR Lab where I learned many skills. I learned so much about time management, effective communication, qualitative data analysis, and various other skills from my research. I especially want to thank Karla Badillo-Urquiola and Dr. Wisniewski for the amazing mentorship over these years!

Overall, I’m super excited! Go Knights!”

Abaquita Facebook Internship