CHI Late Breaking Works

Congratulations to Dr. Wisniewski and her students, Afsaneh Razi, Rajib Dey, Zainab Agha and Neeraj Chatlani, for two extended abstracts that were accepted into CHI 2020’s Late Breaking Works! These papers will be presented in April at CHI 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The acceptance rate for 2020 LBW’s was 41.8%. Authors and paper titles are listed below:

Accepted CHI 2020 Late Breaking Works

  • Agha, Z., Chatlani, N., Razi, A., and Wisniewski, P. “Towards Conducting Responsible Research with Teens and Parents regarding Online Risks”

Abstract: We conducted an exploratory interview study with 10 undergraduate college students (ages 18-21) to get their feedback on how to best design a research study that asks teens (ages 13-17) to share portions of their Instagram data with their parents and discuss their online risk experiences. These young adults felt that teens should have as much control as possible when sharing their data, including the way that it was used in discussions with their parents. Our findings highlight the need to ensure researchers preserve the privacy and confidentiality of teens’ social media data.


  • Dey, R., Sultana, S., Razi, A., and Wisniewski, P. “Exploring Smart Home Device Use by Airbnb Hosts”

Abstract: An increasing number of Airbnb hosts are using smart home devices to manage their properties; as a result, Airbnb guests are expressing concerns about their privacy. To reconcile the tensions between hosts and guests, we interviewed 10 Airbnb hosts to understand what smart home devices they use, for what purposes, their concerns, and their unmet needs regarding smart home device usage. Overall, hosts used smart home devices to give remote access to their home to guests and safeguard their investment properties against misuse. They were less concerned about guest privacy and felt that smart home devices provided unique value to guests and, thus, a competitive advantage over other Airbnb properties.

CHI Late Breaking Works