Dr. Pamela Wisniewski, Director of the STIR Lab and iUX Academy

Wisniewski TIP Award

Congratulations to Dr. Wisniewksi on being selected to receive a UCF Teaching Incentive Program award!

These awards are made available by UCF each academic year, and recognize employee contributions to to the university’s key goals of offering the best undergraduate education available in Florida and achieving international prominence in key programs of graduate study.

The STIR Lab is very proud of Dr. Wisniewski’s accomplishments in teaching thus far at UCF, and wish her the best as she continues to commit herself to enhancing the quality of UCF students’ education, in the classroom and beyond.

To read more about Dr. Wisniewski’s innovative work in the STIR Lab, check out her recent UCF Highlight: Engineering Faculty Member Receives $5,000 Award for Creating iUX Academy

Wisniewski TIP Award