Children and Screens Webinar

Congratulations to Dr. Pamela Wisniewski on contributing to an article for the Children and Screens newsletter, about balancing the use of parental controls, monitoring apps and media plans to support healthy digital media use within families. The article is linked below:

Additionally, along with other experts, Dr. Wisniewski participated in an interdisciplinary conversation and Q&A hosted by Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development on Wednesday, March 10th, at 12pm ET via Zoom. The panel featured an in-depth discussion of the latest evidence-based advice about parental controls, monitoring apps, and family media plans, as well as practical tips on how to structure and supervise digital media use for years to come. The video for the webinar is linked below: 

Here are some general comments about the workshop: 

  • “Thank you so much for this great webinar!” 
  • “Love Pam’s answer! Celebrate that they learned how to work around the system and talk about the reason behind what you are doing.”

We asked attendees “ What was your biggest takeaway from the workshop?” and they answered:

  • “The importance of engaging with your child over digital guidance.”
  • “No app guarantees internet safety.”
  • “That you have to change your control/guidance strategies as your kids grow up. Parental control apps are not for 15 year-olds!”
  • “Moving from control to guidance.”
  • “Talk!! Especially about the small things and surround yourself with a community of like-minded parents to help!” 
  • “Helping my son develop digital resilience is best fostered through engagement and a staged approach based on what he demonstrates he can handle at his age, rather than by strict parental control. This is a very valuable expert opinion for me as a mom. Thank you!!!”
  • “Love the 2 highs and 1 low.”
  • “That’s brilliant, yes be in it!”

We asked attendees to share one tip from the experts thy might implement in their homes, and they responded: 

  • “Inviting my teen more to share what he is doing with tech.”
  • “Work with my kids, have them help make guidelines.”
  • “Two highs and a low!”
  • “Two ups and a down daily.”
  • “Playing social games with family.”
  • “24-hour digital detox and share the Dear Student clip.”


Children and Screens Webinar