Class of 2020 – Zaina

As the STIR Lab continues to bid farewell to our graduating students of 2020, we are proud to announce that Zaina Aljallad, one of our graduating undergraduate students, has accepted a position as a UX researcher for NCR in Atlanta! As Zaina prepared for her graduation, she took some time to reflect on her experiences with the lab:

STIR Lab Class of 2020 Undergraduate Student, Zaina Aljallad

Working at the STIR lab for has provided me with opportunities and new experiences I wouldn’t have gained through my academics. In the past three years, I have been selected to attend an REU, selected as an NSF FLIT-Path scholar, and for the outstanding undergraduate research award by the CRA. Although I have worked on multiple projects, my biggest accomplishment was pushing for a mobile application which utilizes community oversight to help people make better privacy and security decisions – CO-oPS. This project has gained me two publications and the opportunity to travel the country for various conference presentations.

I am so blessed for my time at the STIR lab. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Wisniewski, I was able to continue my journey as a researcher and use the valuable information I’ve learned in my career.

I am happy to announce I will be joining NCR’s UX research team in Atlanta, GA this summer! NCR is a software-development company which specializes in designing software for other companies.

I am excited to start this summer!

We are immensely proud of Zaina for her many accomplishments, and wish her continued success as she graduates and moves on to the next step of her career.

Class of 2020 – Zaina